Images Images Samples of Foods Here are a few of the 101 dishes found in this wonderful cookbook. Directions are clear and easy to follow, with loads of step-by-step photos. 147869513 Tomato Salad When summer tomatoes are their most flavorful and juicy, try this fabulous refreshing salad. This recipe is easy, fast, and wonderful with grilled meats or fish! 148865925 Turkish Coffee Making coffee with a nice froth on top takes a little practice, but is well worth it. Maybe you can get someone to read your "fal" or fortune! 148403534 Sample Recipe Each recipe comes with clear instructions and step-by-step photos. 148865105 Fava Beans in Olive Oil Fava Beans are a little larger and have a deeper flavor than regular green beans. Served cold as a delicious summer meze, this dish is often served with yogurt. 152311200 Bean Salad called Pilaki Many Turkish foods are known as "Meze" or dishes which are served before the meal. This bean dish, served cold with hearty bread, can be it's own light lunch! 148865926 The Real Ottoman Turk and Pretty Jewish Girl Here they are, my mother Beti and father Zeki Bey 153254604 Istanbul early 1900's An early photograph of Istanbul before there were bridges to take you across the Golden Horn. This is what Istanbul looked like when my father was born. 153254607 Basic Techniques Novice cooks will really appreciate the many illustrations of basic cooking techniques. 148496786 Rolling Filo for Baklava Spread butter on halves of three sheets... 160252282 Rolling Filo for Baklava ... turning each half down over the other. 160252283 Rolling Filo for Baklava spread about a tablespoon of filling 160252284 Rolling Filo for Baklava Roll up bottom edge of sheets 160252285 Rolling Filo for Baklava Roll snugly 160252286 Rolling Filo for Baklava Lay rolls side by side on parchment paper 160252287 Rolling Filo for Baklava Slice diagonally into serving size pieces 160252288 Rolling Filo for Baklava Bake to golden brown and immediately pour syrup over top 160252289 Carrot Salad This bright salad has a wonderfully crisp texture and enough lemon to brighten any meal. And isn't the color gorgeous? It's super easy to make... 160252292 Carrot Salad Grate carrots 160252290 Carrot Salad Add lemon and olive oil. Garnish with olives and parley. Chill. 160252291 Stuffed Grape Leaves These grape leaves are called "fake" (yalanci) because they have a rice filling instead of the more expensive meat. But the filling is delicious, with a yummy blend of spices, pine nuts and currants. 153254606 Rolling Grape Leaves Place filling into center, vein side up. 160252296 Rolling Grape Leaves Turn up ends of leaf closest to you... 160252297 Rolling Grape Leaves ... to cover filling 160252298 Rolling Grape Leaves Turn up side of leaf 160252299 Rolling Grape Leaves Roll bottom up over sides, nice and snug. 160252300 Rolling Grape Leaves Place, seam-side down into pot 160252301 Zucchini Cheese Pie (Kalavasucho) A traditional Sephardic Dish 160252302 Kaskarikas Never throw away zucchini peels. Make this quick and nutritious side dish, instead! 160252303 Istanbul 1900's Another early photograph of the Galata Bridge in Eminonu, Istanbul before there were bridges to take you across the Golden Horn. This is what Istanbul looked like when my father was born. 160252306 Huseyin Bey My grandfather and the fourth of his five wives. 160252307 Huseyin Bey and my father Here's the earliest photo of my father Zeki. The photo was taken just months before his mother, (my grandmother Lutfiye) passed away. May she rest in peace. 160252308 The Revah Family Because she had run off with a Muslim man, my grandfather prohibited my mother Beti (far left) from seeing her brother and sisters for twelve years . 160252309 Couple in Love One of the earliest photos of my parents. 160252310 Strolling in Ankara Beti and Zeki were a couple for twelve years before they had their first child. 160252311 Four children Once the first child Ilhan was born, the other three came along in rapid succession, one baby each year. Beti loved being pregnant. 160252312 A New Life in D.C. My parents took us on regular outings to visit the monuments and museums of D.C. 160252313 Parties in the 60's Cocktail parties at the various embassies in D.C. were common, and very "Mad Men" glamorous. 160252304 Beti Dancing Beti always lit up a room. Irreverent and full of joie de vivre, she was always the first on the dance floor. In fact she was often the only one on the dance floor, and didn't mind at all. 160252315