Turkish and Sephardic Memoir & Recipes

Authentic Turkish Cooking


Corrections to Recipes

Because this is the first edition of   “The Ottoman Turk and the Pretty Jewish Girl,” a few errors slipped by in copy editing.   Please make note of these errors on the appropriate page before you start cooking!


Page 147            

Collard Greens Soup - There should be only 1 Tbsp. butter listed in the ingredients


Page 235            

Avas con Ispanaka (Beans with Spinach) - In the ingredients, change 1 tsp. tomato paste to 1 Tbsp.


Page 236            

Zeytinyagli Bamya (Okra in Tomato Sauce) - In the ingredients, Tomato Sauce should be ¼ cup.


Page 244            

Fourth paragraph should read “Separate egg, stir yolk into saucepan…”


Page 248            

Spinach Borek - Under “Pastry” in the ingredients, remove the first line which reads: “2 sticks unsalted sweet cream butter (16 Tbsp.)”


Page 252            

Beti’s Quick Borek - One Box of Filo is listed twice in the ingredients. It should only be one box total.


Page 347            

Index - Eggplant – creamed with stewed beef should be page 262, not 622.