"Ralph had previously told us that you had written a cook book but we were unprepared to see a volume that was so rich in content and also aesthetically beautiful... not only are there clear recipes included but there were also instructions on how to put it all together. I remember my Mother, when trying to tell someone how to make some exotic dish, would say "put in a little bit of this and/or a little bit of that", leaving it up to the listener to translate the quantities. Your book specifies quantities and time in measurable units. With that kind of guidance anyone might be able to do it! We are anxiously waiting for our "Signed by the Author" copy. Maybe we are biased or influenced by the excellent pictures of the food that we hold so dearly.  We think the book is a great accomplishment and we just wanted tell you ourselves and to congratulate you on a wonderful book and a beautiful work of art."   - Love, Norma and Sol Eskenazi

"I made the albondigas de Prassa from your book and am happy to report they are just like my moms! The only problem with my mom's is that she doesn't follow a recipe and adds "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" and I could never get it right...until now...thank you so much!" - Vivianna

 "It is book mania over here. I started reading it right away and a month later everyone at the Menase Manor started to read it. They are slowly going through it but every day they are like "Did you see this story? Did you see this recipe?" So much great stuff!" - Yvette Menase

  " I am so glad you took on this project! I love the book and am picking a recipe every Sunday and making it. I made the meatballs with lemon sauce..... excellent.  ....Last night I made kofte from one of the meat recipes and my family loved them. I am having so much fun!"  - Dulcie Dana

   "Wow,  wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your unbelievable cookbook, and unbelievable is an understatement!! What a beautifully written memoir and not to mention the over-the-top recipes and illustrations. The cookbook is truly award-winning...wait til James Beard gets a hold of it!!  You have launched yourself a new career Beyhan!!  You are truly talented!!"  - Julie

   "We loved the book–it is both a culinary feast as well as a deeply personal account of intimate life details. It is a blend of wonderful visuals, anecdotal stories, beautiful family portraits, and obviously mouth-watering recipes that we can’t wait to cook ourselves". - Amalia and Avi Levi

 "The dinner party was a great success, much due to the "lentil/bulgur rollups" and your fantastic yoghurt cake!  Many, many praises from our neighbors!! Expect at least one more book sale." - Nan Fuhrman

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